Our History - Razzamatazz

1973 – An icon is born

Razzamatazz is launched with a bang!
The distinctive stars & hearts pack becomes common in households across the country.
The Razza girl steps onto Australian screens and into the hearts of Australian women... and men.  Fresh, fun and just a little bit flirty, she turns heads with her effortlessly irresistible charm.  The famous “oh, oh!” jingle.  35 years later she is still strutting her stuff and Razzamatazz is still known for great looking legs!

  • 1973 – Razzamatazz Workmen Ad


  • 1974 – Razzamatazz Band Ad


  • 1977 – Control Tops Ad


  • 1977 – Playground Ad


1979 – The Razza girl gets electric!

Razzamatazz launches its anti-static into sheers range, perfect for the Razza girl on the move.
The ads were filmed in Melbourne streets and beautiful Albert Park.

  • 1979 – Anti Static - Albert Park Ad


  • 1979 – Anti Static Ad


  • 1979/1980 – Circus Ad


1980 – The Razza girl causes mayhem

The Razzamatazz girl continues to cause mayhem on Australia’s streets with men falling into trouble at the sight of her fabulous legs! This ad was filmed in the heart of the CBD on Melbourne’s Collins Street.

  • 1980 – Wedding Cake Ad


  • 1981/1982 – Anti Static Slips Ad



  • 1982 – Golf Ad



1985 – Razzamatazz gets physical!

The 80s is remembered for scrunchies, leg warmers and of course, Razzamatazz’s coloured legwear!


  • 1983 – Dazzlers Ad


  • 1983 – Gelati Ad


  • 1986 – Leg Magic Ad


  • 1988 – Silken Feel is launched

Silken feel is still today one of our top selling styles, offering a silky sheer pantyhose, ideal for everyday wear.

  • 1988 – Win a BMW Ad



  • 1989 – Australian Women Have Always Had It Ad Version 1


  • 1989 – Australian Women Have Always Had It Ad Version 2


  • 1991 – Video Camera Ad



  • 1995 - Satin Magic Ad
1997 – Body Magic is launched

Popular for its smooth slimming brief, body magic is the top selling slimming sheers style.


2009 – Razzamatazz ladder control innovation

Razzamatazz embraces the latest technology to produce a product that answers customer’s biggest gripe – ladders! Ladder Control uses breakthrough anti-ladder technology, an innovation that stops holes turning into ladders, so that you can avoid those embarrassing ‘oh, oh’ moments!